Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I've been using the sketches over at ScrapFriendzy to finish Abbey's 1st year. She's now 5 1/2 if that gives you any clue how over due these pages have become. I however am not stressed over it....and Abbey is enjoying all the new pages going into her book.
This is from sketch # 4...which you can find HERE.

Today is a snow day. I was a little (okay a lot) grumpy about that at 5 am when the school called. Now I'm looking forward to a day lounging around with the kids in our PJ's.
Hope you all stay safe and warm.
Happy Creating & God Bless!


Amy said...

What a cutie! Oh, and the page is pretty too LOL! Aren't they just so cute when they discover their toes?

Banu said...

WOW Jen...Awesome LO. Such cute pictures. I really liked the combination of patterned papers that you used :)
There is always joy in using the older photos :)

Chris said...

omg, she is so cute!! love the little chubby legs!! oh how i wish they were still love your page!!

i am afraid there might be a snow day tomorrow here....ugh! enjoy your day!

Sara said...

This is so cute love the title and the pics;)

Anonymous said...

Hey Stranger! Just catching up on your blog....I miss you guys!!! Looks like all is well, and check out that crafty space! I havent crafted in MONTHS! Just wanted to say hi! Miss you! Come visit! :o)


Rebecca said...

This sketch is fabulous. And I love all the rolls....totally reminds me of my son! The pink paper is awesome! I'd not be too happy about a 5am wake-up call informing me of a snow day, either.